Резюме на должность Project Engineer

Общая информация
Дата публикации резюме: 19-03-2023
Желаемая з/п: не указана
Пол: женский
Возраст: 29
Основная квалификация: Выпускник специалитета
Гражданство: Filipino
Тип деятельности: Стажировка
Тип занятости: Гибкий график
Профессиональные навыки
  1. Customer service
  2. Teamwork and Collaboration
  3. Time Management
  4. Analytical Thinking
  5. project management
  6. risk management
  7. quality assurance
  8. Microsoft Office
  9. Document Control
  10. Engineering Design
  11. Feasibility Reviews
  12. Infrastructure Improvements
  13. Sanitization protocols
  14. Audit preparation
  15. Safety Rule Enforcement
  16. Impact Assessment
  17. Engineering Study Execution
  18. Facilities Engineering
  19. Environmental Compliance
  20. Energy Management System
  21. Compressed Air System
  22. Energy Consumption
  23. Drainage Planning
  24. Data Research andcompilation
  25. Reports and FinancialStatements
  26. Social Media Knowledge
О себе
Relevant Certifications
  1. Mechanical engineer
  2. Auditor Training for Foodsafety and qualitymanagement system
  3. Establishing HACCP andRisk-based PreventiveControls Training Course
  4. Food Fraud VACCP Trainingcourse
  5. FSSC 22000 Ver. 5.1Awareness, Gap Assessment and Implementation Training course
  6. Executive Assistant Journey
  7. project manager
  8. ISO 50001 Energy management system
  9. Basic Pollution Control Officers
  10. Integrated Business Communication Training
  11. Effective Business Communication Program Training
  12. Professional and Image Demeanor Training
  13. Achieving CustomerExcellence Training
  14. Virtual Assistant Journey
  15. E-Bookkeeper
  16. Digital Marketing
  17. UX Design
  18. E-Commerce
                                    Сферы интересов
                                    Энергетика; Машиностроение, производство; Менеджмент
                                    информация отстутствует
                                    информация отстутствует
                                    информация отстутствует
                                    Уровень подготовки:
                                    Студент специалитета
                                    Дополнительное образование
                                    С 01-09-2022 по 31-12-2024
                                    Наименование учебного заведения:
                                    Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University
                                    Направление подготовки:
                                    Masters in Technology Innovation Management
                                    С 01-09-2020 по 30-04-2022
                                    Наименование учебного заведения:
                                    Technological University of the Philippines
                                    Направление подготовки:
                                    Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering major in Energy Engineering
                                    С 03-06-2013 по 01-06-2017
                                    Наименование учебного заведения:
                                    Technological University of the Philippines
                                    Направление подготовки:
                                    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
                                    С 01-06-2009 по 01-06-2012
                                    Наименование учебного заведения:
                                    Technological University of the Philippines
                                    Направление подготовки:
                                    Bachelor of Technology major in Tool and Die Engineering
                                    Опыт работы
                                    С 04-01-2021 по 03-02-2023
                                    Название организации:
                                    Course Hero
                                    Freelance Tutor
                                    Должностные обязанности:
                                    • Working with students to help them enhance their mechanical engineering and mathematics abilities.
                                    • Maintain a current understanding of learning theories, and methodologies. and resources.
                                    • Assist students in learning and comprehending new ideas, as well as completing homework.
                                    • Provide a step-by-step procedure for understanding mathematical and mechanical engineering problem solutions.
                                    С 16-11-2020 по 24-02-2023
                                    Название организации:
                                    Sales Associate
                                    Должностные обязанности:
                                    • Drive sales through customer relationship building and suggestive selling techniques.
                                    • Introduced promotions and sales opportunities, enticing customers.
                                    • Generated leads and opportunities for market expansion and business growth.
                                    • Cold-called potential customers to generate leads.
                                    С 16-09-2019 по 31-08-2023
                                    Название организации:
                                    Universal Robina Corporation
                                    Project and Facility Engineer
                                    Должностные обязанности:
                                    • Ensured compliance with environmental, safety, and other government regulations.
                                    • Spearheaded design ideas related to energy-efficient and environmentally conscious structures.
                                    • Managed and directed construction operations at project sites.
                                    • Leveraged CAD skills to illustrate and plan structures.
                                    • Monitored on-site progress and verified conformance to design specifications and safety standards.
                                    • Analyzed manufacturing processes and byproducts and identified engineering solutions to minimize carbon output.
                                    • Collaborated with departmental leaders to establish organizational goals, strategic plans, and objectives.
                                    • Organized documents for internal audit and risk management.
                                    • Devised engineering solutions to resolve industrial accidents and contaminated sites.
                                    С 16-10-2017 по 16-09-2019
                                    Название организации:
                                    Universal Robina Corporation
                                    Cadet Engineer
                                    Должностные обязанности:
                                    • Conducted quality assurance, production, maintenance engineering, and supply chain management improvement initiatives, and training (Purchasing, Logistics, Warehousing, Planning).
                                    • Create Revalida which performed root cause analysis and investigation (Reporting to Senior Leadership on key learnings, analysis, observations, and recommendations)
                                    С 09-03-2015 по 14-03-2016
                                    Название организации:
                                    William Hill Group
                                    Customer Service Representative
                                    Должностные обязанности:
                                    • Addressed customers courteously using suitable methods and problem-solving skills.
                                    • Responded to telephone inquiries and complaints following standard operating procedures.
                                    • Build sustainable relationships and trust with customers accounts using open and interactive communication.
                                    • Delivered personalized customer service relating toquestions and promptly resolved basic problems oncustomer accounts.
                                    • Attained quota objective of 90% chat support and 85% call support closed cases of customer complaints.
                                    С 11-09-2012 по 12-04-2013
                                    Название организации:
                                    Temic Continental
                                    Production Operator
                                    Должностные обязанности:
                                    • In charge of creating, scanning, and archiving a large number of items.
                                    • Meet production goals for car modules and electrical parts.
                                    С 03-04-2012 по 25-08-2012
                                    Название организации:
                                    ON Semiconductor
                                    Assembly Operator
                                    Должностные обязанности:
                                    • Perform a specific task along the production line that advances a product towards the consumer market.
                                    С 22-10-2012 по 23-03-2012
                                    Название организации:
                                    ON Semiconductor
                                    On-Job Trainee
                                    Должностные обязанности:
                                    • 800 hours of training were fulfilled with a 1.25 (Superior) grade on the Practicum.